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Terms of Service

This Terms of Service page lays out the terms and conditions that apply when Wipe Clean Vegas ("WCV") serves a client ("Customer"). These terms apply no matter how the work order or request for service was initiated.

1. WCV maintains the right to cancel any service, at any time, because of any reason. While this is extremely rare, WCV does cancel in the case of racism, sexism, disrepsect, hatred or other bias directed towards any WCV staff. In that situation, WCV will immediately terminate service.

2. WCV takes the health of staff very seriously. For this reason, WCV does not perform the following tasks:

  • Move or lift furniture that requires more than one person to move;
  • Climb any height higher than a 3-step stepladder can reach;
  • Clean any substance that can be potentially hazardous, including blood, fecal matter, urine or vomit.
  • Clean areas contaminated with mold or infested with insects.
  • Clean any other item or enter any area that could put WCV staff in danger.

3. While WCV is very careful around pets, WCV does not assume liability for their health or safety. WCV also requires that pets be contained by Customer during the cleaning process.

4. For WCV to provide the cleaning service, electricity and water must be available (turned ON) at the location being cleaned during the entire cleaning appointment.

5. WCV cleans the Customer premises with care. WCV carries insurance for damage or breakage. However, WCV is not responsible for damage cause by normal wear and tear or improper item installations. WCV is not responsible for items valued over $150 and items such as collectibles or family heirlooms which are not disclosed during the time the appointment was made. If damage is detected, Customer must notify WCV within 24 hours of any damage which may have occurred during the cleaning appointment.

6. While WCV cleans with extreme caution, WCV is not responsible for the following types of occurrences:

  • Broken Blinds: Customer understands that there is a small risk that blinds can be damaged any time they are cleaned. This holds true especially for blinds constantly being exposed to harsh sunlight, which makes them brittle.
  • Carpet/Rug Snags: Exposed threads of aging carpet can get snagged when moving furniture or vaccumming normally. If WCV notices exposed threads in a carpet it will do its best to avoid those areas.
  • Pictures/Mirrors/Etc which are not hung properly: If an item will fall when wiped clean, please notify the WCV staff member beforehand.
  • Family Heirlooms, Art Pieces or Collectible Items with a value over $150: WCV does not assume risk of cleaning irreplacable items. It is the responsibility of Customer to inform WCV in writing of any such items beforehand so they can be avoided.
  • Antique, Vintage or Unfinished Woodwork: If a piece of your furniture requires special instructions, Customer should notify WCV in writing beforehand.

7. If the location is in very poor condition or the result of hoarding, WCV will do its best to bring the home back into livable condition. However, in cases such as these the results will generally not be at the same level of cleanliness that a normal home would be.

8. WCV may take before and after photos of the location without any personally identifiable information. WCV may use these photos to train staff or share online to showcase services. Customer may opt out of this practice at any time by contacting WCV.

9. WCV charges a $75 cancellation fee for any planned cleaning cancelled within 48 hours of the scheduled cleaning appointment.

10. Customer agrees that WCV, WCV staff and any affiliated contractor will not be held liable for any other alleged or actual loss or damage to property, including Customer's residence, or from the use of WCV cleaning services.

11. Customer agrees that WCV services are provided "As Is" and no warrantees or gurantees of any kind are given regarding the service to maximum extent permitted by applicable law.

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